• Company Profile

    GAINOO is an innovative elevator company specializing in the development and manufacture of steel belt-driven villa (household) elevators. Companies adhere to the "elevator, people-oriented" concept to provide customers with first-class products and services, and strive to create a personalized high-end villa elevator brand.
    Ganner is positioned in the villa elevator market segment, specializing in non-standard design and personalized customization. Provide customers with technical consulting, design, manufacturing and installation, after-sales service and other full-process and full-service. Ganna and the elevator industry's traditional elevator products complement each other, integrate technology and market resources, and provide complete sets of OEM packaging services for elevator counterparts.


    achieve customers
    Serving customers is the only reason Gana exists, and customer demand is the driving force behind Gannan's development. We adhere to the customer-centric, quickly respond to customer needs, and continue to create long-term value for customers to achieve customers. Providing effective services to customers is the yardstick for the direction and value of our work. To achieve our customers is to achieve ourselves.
    hard work
    We don't have any scarce resources to rely on. Only hard work can win the respect and trust of our customers. Struggle is reflected in any small activities that create value for customers, as well as efforts to improve themselves in the preparation of labor. We adhere to the struggle-oriented, so that the strugglers get a reasonable return.
    Open and enter
    In order to better meet the needs of customers, we are aggressive, open-minded, and open and innovative. Any advanced technology, product, solution, and business management can only generate value if it is transformed into commercial success. We adhere to customer demand orientation and continue to innovate around customer needs.
    Sincere and trustworthy letter
    We can only speak out and keep our promises if we are honest and sincere. Integrity is our most important intangible asset, and Ganner insists on winning customers with integrity.
    If you win, you will celebrate with a toast. If you lose, you will die. Teamwork is not only a cross-cultural group collaboration spirit, but also a powerful guarantee to break the department wall and improve the efficiency of the process.