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Be The Photoshop Master With These Tricks

Posted by on Jul 1, 2016 in HTML5, Photoshop, Web Design | Comments Off on Be The Photoshop Master With These Tricks

Photoshop changed the photography, and the best Photoshop users can create breathtaking pictures with some simple tricks. The Photoshop is a powerful tool, for those that know how to use it. But no matter how much you know about the Photoshop, there is always someone else who knows something more. This is why we have decided to share several tips about some aspects of the Photoshop you might not know.

The grain effect adds a lot to a picture, but not every photo will be enhanced with it. This effect is ideal for black and white pictures, and some other monochromatic pictures; but it fails to deliver on colorful images. It is quite easy to add this effect to a picture. You just need to add a new layer with an overlay of 50 percent gray.

 After this, you need to add Noise (15 percent for the start) and add a Gaussian blur to it. It is simple, and you can play with the percentage of gray and Noise for the best effect.

It might not be as easy as it is to some, but cleaning a large amount of skin on a photo using a blue channel is a trick you should learn. This is a complicated method, but it works well because the blue channel can detect all skin imperfections. First of all, the background must be duplicated and after that, you need to pick a blue channel through the mask icon. The cover should be added to the second layer you have created. The only thing left is to add the Surface Blur on that layer and work with it.
Surface blur isn’t all powerful, and there are some things it can’t remove. When it fails, then you should use healing brush and clone stamp. As with any other correction tool, you will have to create a new layer. Once you have chosen the clone stamp to check whether you are working on the new layer of the old (it is easier to correct the mistakes if you work on the new tier).

This is a very simple tool; it copies one thing over another. Hiding the skin imperfections with a copy of clear skin, and then softening the edges to make it natural is the way this tool works.
Healing brush is used for more detailed corrections. It blends the chosen area with the surroundings. The best way to utilize this tool is to use the soft-edged brush.

Not every day of the summer is perfect for taking pictures which are why you should use amber gradient effect on your photos. This effect adds the summer effect on all of your pictures. Just create a new layer and all orange amber color on it. The pictures look fake which is why you must change the opacity between the gradient later and the color to 40 percent.

When you master these and many other tricks, then you can consider yourself the master of the Photoshop. And once you become that you will be able to turn every picture into a masterpiece.


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